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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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director: this is the board of appeals meeting. are you up to addressing that issue? >> yes, i just want to say two things.
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the first and i want to say is that i am giving up future locations in the city of san francisco because of this, and i think the city is going to work because of that. i get it, but i have to protect my business today, so i just feel i am put in the middle to make, and it is not really a fair process would have all of this is working now, fell at this point in time, i guess we would just have to look outside the city for sure for until this gets worked out. these are the kinds of things that are going on. it is really not helping my business, that is for sure, so even though i am agreed to settle, i am not satisfied with that whatsoever for my future. it certainly will protect my
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career locations, and i just really do not think this whole process that one permit stress everything in here we are, i just do not know. i just think this whole process needs to be really, really evaluate it. the legislation needs to be taken a look at carefully. president goh: and your bottom line is that you are accepting the settlement proposal? >> yes. president goh: thank you. commissioner rcgarcia: i know it is of no relief, but maybe you'd be interested in trying to amass some data that would shed greater light on the impact on brick and mortar operations. in a way, it is one to be interesting.
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-- going to be interesting. i would take issue that there is something wrong with our process. there are five attached to one permit. that is not unusual. it is not usually cumbersome. it is because we have all of these other things to nine associated with these other locations, it the other hearings, it made it cumbersome, but you are not barred for continuing this and having your day in court. it is not this board that a short circuit in europe due process by any means. -- that is short circuit in -- circuiting your due process by any means. president goh: did he do something? >> perhaps we should let him. but with the tenants we are
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representing, we accept the settlement -- >> with the tenants we are representing, we accept the settlement, and we will withdraw our people. director: and that is with respect to the appeal of 11-117. i think that the permit holder was looking for the board to actinide and uphold the permit on condition that those two locations are stricken. is that correct? >> if it is possible to do that what went wrong, -- with the withdrawal, i think that would be better for us working with dpw.
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director: it is suspended. if you wanted to do that, the board could continue the case to allow them to withdraw their appeals, and in the permit to be modified by dpw, but only when the appeals court lifted. >> just for clarification, it would need to come back to the board? no, it would not proved director: -- it would not? director: no, it would not. >> we can sufficiently do that with the other parties. commissioner garcia: i am confused as to what you think that is a better process them what was first described by art director. >> with our fees and our potentiality for other locations throughout the city i'm sure
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that light could be shined on in the future. i do not know if we need to take the time to make sure that is a benefit or not. i just want to get this thing solved so it does not take more of the board's time. commissioner garcia: you could walk out here tonight, so i am confused. >> if that is the case, i am happy with that, sir. director: does the board wished to hear from the department? i do not know if that is necessary, but i just wanted to -- president goh: are they part of a settlement or not? i guess not. >> commissioners, the department does not have a specific
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position in this case. you a couple of the decision and require us -- you uphold the decision and require us, there would be a prenotification requirements, which is what is mr. paul is concerned about specifically. commissioner garcia: and i think it is our content to strike the two. director: public comment, is there anyone in the public wishes to speak on this item? ok, directors, it is yours. president goh: ok, we need a motion, pursuant to the agreements made by the parties. commissioner peterson: a stipulation. president goh: does somebody
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want to make a motion? commissioner garcia: you just made a motion. president goh: i did not. secretary pacheco: on that motion, [reading roll] thank you. the vote is 3-0. the permit is upheld with those two locations struck and on that basis. thank you. director: thank you. president goh, there is no further business this evening. president goh: we are adjourned.
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the biggest issue in america today? segregation still exists... racism... the repression and oppression of women the educational system
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stem cell research homeless people cloning government health care taxation announcer: so, is there anything you're doing to help make a change? i'm not really doin' anything. ummmm [sighs] got me on that one...
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>> when there is this a children's theater, it is a good theater. it is a good theater, you would like it, even if it is for children. that is what i think. i feel like it is both a story for kids and for much older people. it is both about being a young child and letting a toy or a friend, and it is also about what it means to get old. ♪ >> in 1986, my son was two, and i decided i would like to go over the story of the velveteen rabbit, mind you i had never read it myself as a child. i only heard it as a mother. my first-time hearing it was a bedtime story recording. it was through that that i found
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the theme and determined how it was going to produce this story. it was through listening to it. when a first mated, i really did watch my son, because i took him to live performances as soon as six months old. he loved it when someone was on the stage. he loved it when somebody was reading to him, the language. >> there was once a velveteen rabbit. >> usually when the bunny first comes out ago, ah, the rabbit. i think kids can relate to it. and they built love nana. nana is the man at all figure in the show, and she represents stern love. the ferry is also played by the
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same person. -- the fairy is played by the same person. it is like the love you have for your first child. pure love. >> i think nature is a beautiful thing. all the wild rabbits come from nature. i like that. i think nature is mysterious, a beautiful, and not something our kids get very much these days. ♪ >> there is fantastical spectacle these days because of computers and films. i feel that in a live performance, being pared down, you can be more successful you can ask everybody to buy into the world you're in. if it is a simple world, they will buy into it, as long as the world is consistent that you have onstage. in some ways, i also want that
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message for kids. the world does not have to be spectacle. the world can be about relationships, how you feel, and having fun and taking them seriously. and not about being blown away. >> what is real, asked the rabbit one day. >> it is a thing that happens to you when a child loves you for a long, long time. >> i think it is a success because, for the most part, if you are 3 or 7 years old, you sit in the sea, and the kids are engaged. they laugh and ask questions but that is part of the success. i think the fact that we tour and do it here and still have audiences says it is a lasting. i really want to say that it is lasting is because of the story is a gentle story.
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if it was just ok, it would not have lasted this long. i have had people come up to me and say that was the first dance show i ever saw and that is why i am a choreographer today. i have had people come back after being in the shows and come back to see it when they're 20 and 23 years old. little kids and people in their 50s and 60s tell me how much they love it. and they come back more than once, year after year. ♪
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>> the question when i started 11 years ago when i started doing resolution work is can anything be presented on a really low resolution device where it is


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